I started blogging when I was in college. I was studying art and journalism, and one of my Fashion Journalism courses suggested I start a blog. Now I have gone through quite a few phases of what my blog looked like, the type of content, and what it was called but I always knew that in some way, shape, or form it was going to be fashion oriented.

In college, I interned at Levi Strauss, Marie Claire, and Lucky magazine. After college, I freelanced as a styling assistant, and eventually ended up working for Nordstrom for 4 years. Just like my blog, in one way, shape, or form I was involved in the fashion industry.

Clearly, I love all things fashion, style, and glamour however I always felt that I didn’t fit the cookie cutter fashion girl mold. I’m 5’1″ and have real womanly curves. For a long time I thought that I had to try to make myself look like all the tall, skinny girls in order to be stylish however I have learned that style doesn’t have just one body type.

On 5 Feet of Fashion, I share with you my personal style and provide tips on how to dress a body that is a little less than perfect, but beautiful none the less.

From head to toe, from the inside out, and all 5 feet of me.


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