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How To Stay Warm But Stylish This Winter

Right now we are facing something called a “bomb cyclone” blizzard here in Connecticut (and I think it is actually effecting the entire East Coast.) This weekend is going to also have some scary lows hitting 10 degrees below zero! This is officially the time of year where we tend to choose practicality and comfort over style, and I’m totally ok with that because girl we need to survive! However, you don’t need to compromise style for comfort and practicality for this type of insane winter weather. Here are some tips on how to be warm yet stylish this winter.

statement coat, shearling, winter, warm, cozy, Topshop1. Invest in a statement coat: Let’s face it. It’s time to put away all of your cute little jackets and bring out your heavy duty coats that could easily double as a comforter. Because let’s be real, keeping warm is the number one priority. Luckily, there are so many stylish and fashion forward coats that will not only do the job but will make a really great fashion statement at the same time. This coat is one I got a few years ago but there are so many similar styles out there!

beanie, Charming Charlie, cozy, warm, accessories, gloves2. Stock up on cute but cozy winter accessories: It’s no secret that I have an addiction, to beanies that is. I have literally lost count of how many I have but it’s ok because since they come in so many styles and colors, I have enough to go with whatever outfit I am wearing. Keeping your head warm is super important, but don’t forget gloves and a scarf too!

H&M, layers, long sleeve, dress, cozy, winter, warm warm, Charming Charlie, Francesca's, leggings, layers H&M, winter, warm, cozy, layers, beanie, Target

3. Layer, layer, layer: Even if you have a heavy coat, it’s important to wear multiple layers underneath because it is amazing how easily the cold air can cut through what you are wearing. Layer leggings under your pants and long sleeves under your sweater. You’d rather have too much on and be able to strip some layers off than not enough.

Hunter, snow boots, winter, cozy, warm, layers, sweater, beanie

4. Keep your feet warm and dry: It’s super important to ensure that your feet stay warm and dry especially when there is snow on the ground because if your feet get cold then all bets are off. Invest in a good pair of snow boots, or in my case I wear my trusty Hunter boots but always wear the welly socks this time of year to add an insulation.

Stay warm!!!!


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