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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I don’t know about you guys, but I always put in some major thought as to what I am going to wear on Thanksgiving day. I obviously want to look cute, however I also want to be comfortable. I mean, let’s face it…things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly once you start stuffing your face like I plan to do! I mean who doesn’t on Turkey Day? That’s why I chose this Thanksgiving outfit very carefully.

The material of this dress is perfect for Thanksgiving because it is super stretchy. I think that is key to dressing for the holiday. But you would never know that this dress feels like sweatpants due to the feminine shape and adorable print. The silhouette is also key for me when it comes to dressing comfortably for the big meal. Having a skater skirt on this dress helps me camouflage the food baby I will inevitably have at the end of the day! Thanks to that and control top tights, am I right?!

Now if you still need a little inspiration on what to wear for the big day, I have put together a mini collage of Thanksgiving outfit ideas. I chose a variety of pieces that I feel as though you could mix and match depending on what you are doing that day and how formal it is. I chose a lot of neutrals with pops of metallic, because there is something about Thanksgiving that makes me either want to wear dark colors or gold and silver hues.Shop both my look and the collage below.

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving!


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