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Petite Styling Tips // Over the Knee Boots

If there is one shoe trend that has been sweeping the past few falls, it has been over the knee boots. They are sexy, edgy, stylish, and come in so many varieties. However, it can be hard to find the right pair that works for you if you are petite. Let’s face it, god didn’t grant us petite ladies the longest legs so finding the right pair that hit you in the right place and trying to style them appropriately can be a challenge. But don’t worry,  I am going to give you some tips on how to style over the knee boots for petites.

1. Make sure you find boots that hit in the right spot. You want these boots to hit in the sweet spot above your knee but below the thigh. Since most of us petite ladies aren’t usually blessed with super model legs, it’s super important to try on these boots to make sure they aren’t too tall. If you are buying online, measure where you want the boots to hit and be sure to look for the shaft height in the description. I mean, thigh-highs are fine if that’s the look you are going for, but that’s not what this post is about!

2. Proportions are key! When you decide to wear your new OTK boots out and about make sure you style them in a way that still accentuates your legs and shows off your boots. Keep tops/sweaters a bit shorter (meaning right to the waist) and dresses/skirts on the shorter side (the recommendation is 3 inches or more.) If you wear them too long you will lose the length and look even shorter and like you are swimming in your clothes. If you feel a little insecure about the skirt length, feel free to layer a long cardigan or jacket over the look, but make sure to wear it open. Seeing the leg is key! Plus too many layers can make you look even shorter. You cold always wear tights or leggings underneath to make it a bit more modest, too.

3. Match your pants with the color of your boots. Speaking of long legs, another way to make your legs look miles long is by matching your pants, leggings, or tights with your boots. This gives the illusion of never ending legs. #LegsForDays

4. Or try them with high-waisted jeans. Same notion as above but in a little more casual way. If you try this, keep the top on the shorter side still or better yet, tuck it in.

5. Cropped jackets also help make your legs look longer too! Enough said. If you don’t see a pattern here, it’s all about those legs ladies!

I hope these tips will help you petite gals feel confident in purchasing and styling your OTK boots!


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