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A few weeks ago I decided to partner with Smile Brilliant to try their at home teeth whitening system because ever since becoming a mother, I now drink an average of 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I call that survival mode and I will not apologize for it. Nonetheless, the constant caffeine guzzling has definitely stained my formerly pearly whites and let’s face it, no outfit is complete without a beautiful smile. I needed help and Smile Brilliant might just had been the solution I was looking for.

I didn’t realize how in depth the process was going to be at first. When I received the package from Smile Brilliant, they sent a kit for me to create impressions for my teeth. I had expected some generic retainer-like mouth guard but no, this was going to be legit. After creating the impressions of my teeth, it was sent off to a lab and a couple weeks later I got my custom whitening trays. These are like a clear replicas of my teeth that the whitening gel was going to go in and it is unbelievable how perfectly the match my mouth! I could not wait to get started with the whitening!

I followed the instructions closely (which is key to any successful beauty trial) and applied a thin string of whitening gel into the bleaching trays, inserted them into my mouth, and kept them in for 45 minutes, which is the minimum amount of time for each application. I did the minimum time to start because I wasn’t sure how sensitive my teeth were going to get. Luckily, even if they did get a little sensitive, the system came with a desensitizing gel that you can apply after whitening.

Now for the best results you should do this system every day or every other day for about 7-14 applications but I have been so crazy busy and so exhausted at night that I have been doing it every 3 nights. Now that a few weeks have past, I am amazed at the results! My staining has significantly decreased and my smile truly has brightened. I can’t believe how great it has worked and how minimally sensitive my teeth got during the process.

Taking care of your teeth not only is good for your appearance (it’s a girl’s best accessory after all) but it’s also good for your health, and as a new mom, being healthy is super important to me.

If you are interested in trying Smile Brilliant for yourself I am hosting a giveaway where one lucky reader will receive a free kit! Click here to enter the giveaway: or you can use the code 5feetoffashion15 for 15% off of your own set of trays!

*Giveaway is open for two weeks. Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents.

Before and After!

Pastes to make teeth molding for your trays

Teeth whitening trays ready to go!

Whitening and desensitizing gels!

The teeth whitening kit that will give you amazing results!

How to Whiten Your Teeth


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