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OOTD // Fall Denim Skirt

Friday was the official start to fall, but over the weekend it was like summer was holding on for dear life. It’s hard because no one likes to see summer end, however there is an excitement when it comes to fall: be it the holidays, the pumpkins, or, if you are like me, the fashion. But what do you wear when your heart says fall but the temperature says summer? This denim skirt was the perfect solution for blending the two seasons into one look.

Now I never thought I would wear a denim skirt again. I mean, I’m closer to 30 than I am 20 and I haven’t worn one since I was in high school (at least from what I can remember.) However, they are everywhere which constantly tempted me to give it another try. I was so afraid I was going to look like I was trying to relive my high school days or that I would just look trashy because a lot of these skirts are microscopic. However, I found one that I feel is the perfect length and has just enough distressing to be cool without looking sleazy.

So since it was 90 degrees all weekend, I had to put away my favorite jeans that I had been wearing lately, but this denim skirt was the perfect substitute. It definitely cooled me off enough but by pairing it with a black embroidered crop top and booties, I added some serious fall vibes to an otherwise summery skirt. I even played up the merlot in the top by wearing a very similar shade of lipstick. (Nothing in the beauty says fall to me like a wine shade of lipstick.)

The top I chose was very deliberate to be paired with the denim skirt. I wanted to have a cool vibe but also portray some elegance. The embroidery and ruffles of the top did just that. I am seriously in love with this entire look and will definitely be adding a pair of tights to it so I can wear it again once the temperature finally starts to feel more seasonally appropriate.

Are you excited for fall? Or are you holding onto summer? Either way, you can shop the entire look below!


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