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OOTD // Yellow Floral Long Sleeve Dress

Do you ever rule something out as “not for you” without really giving it a chance? That’s how I felt about the color yellow. That is until I tried this yellow floral long sleeve dress from PinkBlush. I was always afraid that the color would wash me out or clash with my hair, but now that I have tried it I think  I need more of it in my wardrobe!

Yes, this dress is bright (you couldn’t miss it if you tried!) But isn’t that what this time of year is all about? It is totally the season of bright colors! From the color, the large floral print, and the bell sleeves, this dress truly embodies spring. I even think I’ll wear this on my trip to Mexico  because even though it has long sleeves, the chiffon is so light weight it will be perfect for dinners at night.

The one thing I had to modify on this frock was by adding a belt. The silhouette is super pretty and actually moves better without one, however due to my shape I had to cinch my waist. And since the color of the dress is so bright, I  kept my accessories neutral with the exception of my pink tassel earrings. This way I thought I would play up the little pieces of pink throughout the dress.

If you are worried by wearing yellow this dress also comes in light pink! (Although you shouldn’t be because if I can wear it, ANYONE can!) I am seriously considering owning both colors!

The moral of the story, never say you will never wear something because you just never know! Shop this yellow floral long sleeve dress via the link below, as well as my accessories. Have a great day!



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