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One Lip, Three Outfits: Part 3 // Edgey Girl

I chose this final look for this three part mini series because not only is it an outfit that I think truly captures my personal style but is vastly different than the previous two looks. Yes, there is an element of femininity because, well, we are women and these posts are about lipstick! But I wanted to to make sure there was an edgier outfit added to the mix.

I have said it once and I will say it again: I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces. To me, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket and floral print combo. I mean hello, it’s spring…you have to wear florals! But adding the leather jacket makes you look a little less pretty and a little more badass.

When mixing these elements it’s all about balance. The floral skirt is balanced with the leather jacket, the statement necklace is balanced with the caged booties, etc. And a bold lip like this Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick (in Soulful) works for both the badass babe and pretty princess I am channeling.

So to wrap up, the purpose of these past few posts was to show you that you can wear one color of lipstick all spring long if you wanted to (although if you are like me, one is not enough!) And let me just tell you, if you love matte lipstick like I do this Splash Liquid Lipstick has great pigmentation AND lasts all day. When it comes to styling it with your outfits, just keep in mind color balance and remember that colors don’t always have to match, they just have to “go.” I highly suggest you check out Younique’s lipsticks and other beauty products!



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