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Fulfill Your New Year's Fitness Resolution in Style

What’s the most common New Year’s resolution? To get in shape, obviously! And I have to admit, it’s definitely mine too!

Since having the baby, I have either been too tired or too busy to workout. And the holidays happened (where I feel like EVERYONE gains at least 5 lbs.) But I am at the point now where I have had enough and I need to make a change. Plus, it helps that the baby is sleeping better at night so I have more energy to workout. I am already down 3 lbs! (hey…it’s a start!)

Going to the gym can be daunting, but when you have a cute workout outfit, sometimes it helps get you motivated. Or at the very least, you want to put the outfit to good use. So I wanted to share some cute fitness outfit ideas to help get your butt in gear. Here’s to a healthy 2017!


Monreal stretch jersey
$150 –

NIKE clothing
$98 –

Nike activewear
$37 –

Pattern shirt

Sport jersey

Nike footwear

Athletic Propulsion Labs laced shoes
$165 –

Fitbit gold band ring

Fitbit leather jewelry

Casetify iphone case

Ban do


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