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Manicure Monday // The Perfect Christmas Red 

Christmas is less than two weeks away! I can’t believe it! It’s going by too quickly!! If you don’t know by now, I am Christmas obsessed. If I didn’t have to work, I would literally spend my days baking Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies, and decorating my home so much that the North Pole would be envious.

But since I have to make a living, it’s nice to have little reminders of Christmas to help me get through the day. So I took the opportunity and made sure I got the most perfect shade of red polish for my manicure. It’s not maroon, not raspberry, but true red, like Santa’s suit. I never wear red on my nails, not for any reason in particular because I actually think it’s a really classic color. However, if there is a time to wear it, this is the time of the year.

This color is by OPI and is called “Red Hot Rio” and is available in both gel and regular polish!



OPI “Red Hot Rio”


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