Maternity Shopping

Buying Shoes When You’re 6 Months Pregnant

If you have never been pregnant, I’m sure you have heard about swollen feet and sore backs, but I tell you nothing can actually prepare you for it until you in them midst of your pregnancy. I was wearing my normal (and fabulous) high heel shoes and booties well into the beginning of my second trimester, but within the last month I have had to succumb to comfort and practicality….my two least favorite words when it comes to footwear.

The first pair I bought was painful, not in actuality but emotionally. They had memory foam were basically the love child of a sneaker and and a flat and were made by Sketchers. I NEVER thought I would wear anything resembling this type of shoe but I was desperate for a shoe that I could easily run errands in and not want to shop my feet off at the end of the day. Even though I hated them at first, the fact that my feet have support (which in turn also helps out my back) I realized they aren’t so bad. In fact, from a distance they look like regular ballet flats.

But when I returned to the store today, I was eager to get a pair of two that I could wear practically but that had at least a little style. Boy was I surprised when the half size I thought I went up turned out to be a full size! (I have always had baby feet…my size 6 are now a size 7!)  I ended up finding a pair of flat motto booties by Guess that had a zipper which makes it super easy to get on and off. I also found a pair of Roxy sneakers that are lined with faux fur that are cushioned and will be great for casual outfits.

So my advice to you ladies, when you are with child someday, enjoy your high heels and fashionable shoes while you can. But when it’s time to give your body a break, you can find shoes that are both comfortable and stylish if you look hard enough.


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