Dressing For a Holiday Party // Maternity Edition

Dressing for holiday parties can be difficult enough without factoring in your growing baby bump and the fact that you are exhausted most of the time. This is why I thought I would give some tips on how to dress stylishly yet comfortably for these inevitable events this time of year.

  1.  Keep the outfit simple and comfortable. Seriously, don’t be a hero. Wear pieces that you feel comfortable in and then work from there.
  2. Accessories are key. This is where you can have your fun with stylish and stand out pieces to give your look that little extra glam.
  3. Pick the right shoes for you. This is where I am having the most difficulty. If you normally wear super tall heels, try to wear some that are thicker or more stacked to help with comfort. Otherwise, stick to your lower heals. Lord knows your back hurts enough on it’s own without trying to walk in stilts.


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