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Short Girl Style Tips // Maxi Dresses

There are many struggles when you are a petite fashion lover, especially when clothing tends to be geared towards the tall and thin. When maxi dresses became popular, I felt discouraged because I thought there was no possible way I would be able to wear one without having it hemmed (and honestly I don’t have time for that!) However, I found that there are a few tricks to wearing a maxi dress when you are short like myself. With a little strategy, I wear these long frocks all of the time!

Shoes are obviously the easiest way to make maxi dresses fit you. Heels are your friend, girls! Block heels or wedges are my go to because that way you can wear 4-5 inch shoes without sacrificing comfort or the ability to walk. But sometimes shoes aren’t enough (I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth.) So now what?

Depending on the material of the dress or how the dresses runs, sometimes you can size down from in order to lose a couple of inches on the length. This dress from PinkBlush is super stretchy so you can easily get away with wearing a smaller size. If you are ordering online, look at the description of the garment including the measurements and if posted, what size the model is wearing. This can help you get a more realistic idea of how the maxi dress will fit you.

Another little trick I tend to use is looking for dresses that are considered more of a “midi” dress rather than a “maxi.” On women who are 5’5″- these dress will hit in between the knee and the ankle. However, on petite girls like myself, these dresses usually hit perfectly at the ankle. These are the dresses you can get away with wearing flats!

Finally, if the material allows, try tying one side of the dress up in a knot. This will give the dress an asymmetrical silhouette and will get the extra material away from your feet.

Still not convinced? Trust me, as long as you don’t have fabric dragging on the grown around you, maxi dresses can make you look taller! I hope these tips helped you feel confident in the ability to wear maxi dresses.





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