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OOTD // Cold-Shoulder Bow Sweatshirt for Summer

The biggest sale of the year is happening right now! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s a sale that happens every July and lasts for a few weeks containing brand new fall merchandise and once the sale is over items get marked up to full price. It’s the perfect time to shop for fall essentials. The only problem is many people let their purchases sit in their closets and wait until it is cooler out to wear them however there are many pieces that, if styled appropriately, can be worn right now in the height of summer.  One of my favorite finds is a cold-shoulder bow sweatshirt, and even though it is hot and humid right now in New England, I thought I would style it so I can wear it now.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not delusional in thinking this is something you can wear often during the summer time. It has to be the right climate and setting (otherwise you may get a few sideways looks and die of overheating.) I decided to simply pair of denim shorts with this cold-shoulder bow sweatshirt. That’s it. I know that seems obvious but what is not obvious is WHEN you can/should wear this look. I would suggest wearing it somewhere that will be super chilly from the AC (like the movies or a restaurant.) You could also wear this combo on one of those cooler summer evenings, especially along the shore once the sun goes down.

So don’t assume that just because items are geared towards a certain temperature or time of year, that you can’t restyle them for other seasons. You just need to be smart about when and where you will wear them. And once fall does come around, you can style items like this sweatshirt into completely different outfits making it almost brand new again.

Shop this look below. Prices go up for the Nordstrom sale on August 7.



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