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3 Ways to Style a Bodysuit // Part 3- Beachy Casual

Last but not least for the 3 ways to style a bodysuit, is one that doesn’t need much explaining or creativity. I chose to simply pair this bodysuit with a pair of denim cutoffs, slide on sandals, and a straw fedora. You might say you are ready for the beach with this option. But don’t let that limit you. This look could be your go-to uniform all summer long.

The allure of bodysuits is that they are effortless. That’s why this last look is a no brainer. If you are running out to the store to run errands, going to the beach, or to a BBQ, this casual look is something you can throw on and go! To add a little more interest to the look, I decided to wear a pair of studded denim shorts. I think they studding detail adds a little edge and funkiness to an otherwise simple outfit.

I also know that this time of year I wear a ton of hats and my new pom fedora is a new summer fav. It is so versatile and literally goes with almost any look! You can get 20% off of this exact hat on ILYMix with code “5FEET20.”

I hope this three part segment has peaked your interest and given you some ideas on how to style a bodysuit different ways. Something I continuously am learning is never rule anything out as “not for you” until you try it. You just might be surprised!

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