Manicure Monday // Spring Coral

If you can’t tell, I cannot get enough of pink this season. I mean it’s literally everywhere and I’m quite ok with it because the color just makes me so happy. I have had soft blush nails already this season, so this week I decided on a brighter, almost neon, coral-y pink. I think it’s almost the perfect transition color from spring to summer (even though lately it is feeling like summer will never come!) At this rate I think I will be wearing 50 shades of pink before the beginning of fall!

This color is called “Chatterbox” from Kiara Sky and is just your regular gel nail polish. However, there is also a normal nail polish version that I linked so you can try it at home!


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 4.17.22 PM.jpg

Kiara Sky -“Chatterbox”


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