Manicure Monday // Light Pink Powder Gel

I love getting my nails done (obviously) especially with gel polish because it lasts so much longer on me than regular nail polish. So imagine my surprise when I learned that there was a type of gel polish that lasted even longer. It’s a powder that turns into a gel polish but instead of lasting only two weeks, this is supposed to last for three! I know, I know it’s only one extra week but if I can draw out my manicure to every three weeks instead of every two then hey, I get to save some money!

I wanted to try it as a light color first so in case for some reason I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be so obvious. I chose this super light barely there pink because it’s super springy and neutral. The powder polish definitely feel super strong and I can see how it will likely last three weeks. I will let you know if it truly lasts as long as they say!

If you want an at home shade similar to this to try, I would suggest Essie’s “Tying the Knottie.” If you want to get a pair of these super cute sunnies, check out my shop page.



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