Manicure Monday // Grey Periwinkle 

I haven’t had the pleasure of getting my nails done recently due to some tight funds but luckily I was able to get them done this past weekend.

Winter is still among us (begrugenly) but I am was so sick of my typical dark or neutral nails. Gosh darn it, I wanted spring polish!

So I chose a grey-ish periwinkle color because it’s a nice cool tone that still has a springy pastel quality to it. In some lights it looks more grey and in others a little more blue (and for some reason the color was called “Sweet Purple” but I don’t see any purple….but maybe I’m colored blind and don’t realize it…)

Anywho, this color has me feeling ready for spring. Now if only Mother Nature would get the memo. To try at home I would suggest Essie’s “Cocktail Bling.” It’s a little more grey than periwinkle but I think it works.



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