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My Current Obsession // Metallic Mules

I know as you get older, typically your style evolves. But if I were to tell 18-year-old Amanda that I would be flat obsessed in the year 2017, I never would have believed myself! But it’s true! The majority of the shoes I have been crushing on lately have been stylish sneakers, lace up flats, and now mules (especially of the metallic variety.)

I found these mules (pictured above) for $16 at Marshall’s and I couldn’t believe it.  I thought the silver and gold details looked luxe enough, but the added element of the fur insole was extra fabulous! I have never been so excited for a pair of shoes that cost less than $20!

So I couldn’t find these exact mules online, but I have shared a few of my favorite metallic slide on’s below that are ready to be bought! Check it out!




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