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I love adding to my specials areas of my home: my bedroom, Scarlett’s room, my living room, and my office (plus I am redoing my guest room/closet area!) I really like my office space a lot because I was able to make it really me. I have a lot of elements of gold and white (and touches of black) throughout but I thought I could add a mini gallery wall to the space to give it a little bit more personality. I think it’s so fun however I’m not sure how far to go with it. Right now there are a few pieces and I think it looks nice but is a little bit simpler than other gallery walls I have seen which I think works because there is a lot of other stuff going on in such a small space. But then again, I don’t want it to look incomplete. Thoughts?

I also thought I would share with you some of my favorite gallery wall inspiration I could find on the web. Check out the gorgeous wall art!



Images from Love Grows Wild, Better Home and Garden, My Kirkland’s Blog, Craving Some Creativity, Pretty Providence, and The Every Girl   


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