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My Christmas Home Decor

It was quite the process, but my house is fully decorated for Christmas! And of course I had to share it with you! But be warned, my house is not a palace. It is not immaculately clean. I have an 8 month old (and a husband! lol) plus 3 pets. So I do my best but I am not one of those bloggers who has white everything. Not by any means (not that there’s anything wrong with it…it just would NOT work for my lifestyle.)

My fireplace is probably one of the main focal points for the whole house. I mean the stockings I had ordered this year are absolutely perfect, and the Santa boots are just too cute for me! Also, you will notice that I have a lot of nutcrackers…and I do mean  A LOT. I started collecting them around 5 years ago and I add to the collection a little bit every year. The sad thing is I would say only 2/3 of them are pictured in this post (I have some in almost every room in the house…but I only wanted to show the main ares of my house in this post.)

My table is set and pretty (sad thing is we haven’t been eating at it lately because it looks so nice!) but I only shared a couple photos because it’s probably the one area that isn’t absolutely complete. I am hosting Christmas for the first time ever for about 12 people so I am actually going to have to add another table and eight more chairs. So the details are not quite final yet…I promise I will share my Christmas Day table after the big day!

But of course my absolute favor decoration has to be our Christmas tree. I know that sounds silly because obviously the tree is the most important decoration, but this is the first year my husband and I have gotten a long needled tree. I just think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the texture and the way the ornaments are in different depths all over the tree. I love just having the lights turned on and the rest of the lights off. It’s cozy and the best way to finish my day.

I hope you enjoy my photos! And I hope you are having as much fun decorating as I did!



Obsessed with my fireplace



The banister above my stairs leading into my home.


I found these Santa hat chair covers at the Dollar Tree! I swear! Aren’t they so cute?!


An unfinished table setting



All the Christmas pillows



Santa’s sleigh bell from “The Polar Express”



Cookies for Santa


A few more friends


Best way to end my day!


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