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Scarlett's First Christmas Tree

It’s Scarlett’s first Christmas and I am doing everything I can to make it special and memorable, well at least for me and her father since obviously she won’t remember it. It’s hard because she’s still so little that she can’t really enjoy the fun and festivities of the Christmas season, but I guess those are just future memories in the making.

We did however decide to take her with us to pick out her first Christmas tree which went better than anticipated (considering I had to wake her up from a nap in the car!) She was all smiles and laughing as her father and I walked through the many different areas of all the different types of Christmas trees. I held her close to the tree and she touched the needles. She was definitely fascinated. After about a half an hour we found the tree that we wanted to take home.  (Don’t worry she took another nap on the way home!)

I’m not going to lie though, I forgot how much time and energy goes into not only setting up the tree, but decorating it. Trying to get that done while an infant whines, needs to eat, get changed, and put to bed. This mama was tired after a long day. But I am so glad we did it and will have these memories and pictures of Scarlett picking out her first Christmas tree! And you will see in this post and a future post where I show the entirety of my Christmas decor, I don’t do the neutral and all white Christmas decorations. I love the reds and greens, with a traditional feel. I feel as though you can mix style and traditional and have a wonderfully personal result.

Enjoy the photos below!



Scarlett was super excited to go pick out her tree!


Dave, Scarlett, and I arrived on Charlie Brown Christmas Tree farm!


We found it!


Some furniture had to be moved around to nestle the tree in the corner of our living room.


Sometimes I wish we could just put lights on the tree because it makes it look really pretty on its own.


The finished product! Ready to celebrate with friends and family!

Scarlett loves her first tree!

Merry Christmas

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