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Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I have so much to reflect on and to be thankful for. This past year my life has changed drastically for the better and I can’t believe how blessed I am. Last Thanksgiving, I announced on social media that Dave and I were expecting our first child. A month later we found out that baby was going to be a little girl. A couple months later, we purchased and moved into our first home. Two months after that I delivered our beautiful baby girl 8 weeks early after developing preeclampsia. My daughter, Scarlett was born 3 lbs 11 oz. and we both had a long road to recovery but now we are both striving and healthy.

Looking back on the craziness of this past year, I can’t believe how incredibly happy I am. My little family is my entire world and I love being a mom so much. Going into the holidays this year, my heart is full of so much love and joy. I can’t wait to share the holidays with Scarlett, Dave, and the rest of my family.

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!


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