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I work from home full time, and unfortunately no, my full time job is not blogging (but maybe someday!) Regardless, I definitely need a space to get my work done at home.

We moved into our house in February and since returning from maternity leave I have been working from my couch. Now this sounds like a comfortable situation, but believe me it’s not. I end up hunching over my laptop and trying to write in my notebook and the next thing I know I am looking for my pen between the couch cushions. And if I have any sort of conference call, I have to either put the TV on mute or go into my bedroom. Talk about not ideal. This is why I decided to create a home office in our basement.

For months I had been on the hunt for a white desk. I didn’t know anything other details for my home workspace other than the fact that I wanted a white desk. I didn’t need anything too substantial…in fact, my husband works in office furniture sales and everything he suggested was just a little bit too heavy duty for me (and ok…I wanted it to be cute!) I FINALLY found the perfect little white desk for me to work from. It’s pretty basic with just enough style. And guess where I found it….that’s right…TARGET (that place literally has everything I could have ever wanted….and things I didn’t even know I wanted.)

After I got the desk the rest fell into place with the help of another store I am addicted to…Home Goods! Maybe you’ve heard of it? I found details and accents of black, gold, and white along with a few of my favorite fashion books and magazines to help make my little home office stylish. It’s a place I don’t mind being for hours on end…in fact I really enjoy hanging out there!

Take a look at my little workspace! xoxo


Desk: Target Sunglasses: SOL Theory 


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