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Outfit Breakdown // Baby Shower Bliss

Being pregnant and planning a family is one of the most special occasions there is. That’s why I felt truly blessed today at my baby shower. Friends and family came to shower Scarlett with gifts and love, and boy did we feel the love.

For such a special occasion it is important to put together a look that is special. For Scarlett’s shower, I wanted a Pink Paris theme (which is the same of as her nursery.) While looking for a dress, I figured I too would wear pink. However, I then came across this polka dot and striped dress and I thought, well doesn’t this feel French? I added little touches of pink with my necklace, lipstick, and handbag (not pictured). So if any of you are expecting mothers, don’t harp too much on what you think  you want. You can always make it work out and sometimes it turns out better than you envisioned.

Take a look at some pictures of the amazing decor, gifts, and guests. xoxo

baby shower6 baby shower5

baby shower4 baby shower3 baby shower2 baby shower1

Dress: Destination Maternity Necklace: Old Shoes: Payless Cardigan: Destination Maternity


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